Welcome to
Whitstable House

Welcome to Whitstable House

Whitstable House is a brand new care home, offering residential, nursing care to people with care needs, particularly those with physical frailty or dementia-type illnesses.

Purpose-Built, Quality Facilities

Built with its residents at the heart of its design, Whitstable House offers high quality, care-orientated facilities, creating the ideal environment for our residents to feel safe and at home in. What’s more, the home is situated in a picturesque location, overlooking the Thames estuary, and is ideally placed next to the GP surgery.

Care Suites

The 100 new rooms at Whitstable House are all 27m2 Care Suites – larger rooms than those found in traditional care settings – equipped with kitchenettes and living areas. Our Care Suites help residents feel that they have their own space and their own home.

Serving the Community

Residents at Whitstable House reflect the demographic of the surrounding area. We facilitate families to benefit from Local Authority or NHS funding, where private funding may not be an option, making our services accessible to the whole community.

Long-Term and Short-Term Care Services

Whitstable House is a ‘home for life’ for those who require long term care, whilst also offering short term care for others who require assessment, rehabilitation, or respite before returning home.

24/7 Nurse-Led Care

Our experienced and trained nurses are always on-hand to support our residents. They lead and oversee each resident’s care at every step of their care journeys, from initial assessment, to reviews of the care plan, to their personalised social programme.

Relationship Centred Care

We have adopted Relationship-Centred Care as our principal approach. This emphasises each individual’s life story, the relationships they have made along the way, their primary relationships in the present, as well as nurturing new, meaningful relationships with staff and other residents.